Lilium Jet during a maintetance operation

Lilium License Agreement for eVTOL Production and Maintenance

May 28, 2024 – Geneva, Switzerland – Dedienne Aerospace, the leader of aerospace maintenance tooling, is thrilled to announce a pivotal license agreement with Lilium, an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This collaboration underscores the shared vision of both companies to transform civil aviation through innovative technologies and operational performance.

Lilium, celebrated for its groundbreaking contributions to the eVTOL sector, has recognized Dedienne Aerospace’s expertise in a highly competitive global market focused on peak performance.
Lilium are building a new aviation industry with a bright future,” said Guillaume Justamon, Program Director of Dedienne Aerospace. “Lilium Jet offers new user experiences for the regional mobility. We share many values with the Lilium team: entrepreneurship, flight safety and net zero carbon trajectory. Dedienne Aerospace will be there supporting Lilium’s engineering, ramp-up production, and ground equipment availability for every flight and location.

Picture 1: Lilium Jet during a maintenance operation

Under the terms of the agreement, Dedienne Aerospace will undertake the engineering and manufacturing of specialized tooling essential for the production of Lilium’s eVTOL aircraft and also all the tooling for the maintenance operations for airlines and lessors. Additionally, Dedienne Aerospace will play a strategic role in the commercial rollout of Lilium’s aircraft, ensuring optimal operational performance.

Dominique Decard, VP Fleet Ops, Support and Services at Lilium, said: “With Dedienne Aerospace as our distributor of tooling and equipment worldwide, we believe we have a first-class solution for our partners and operators. Dedienne Aerospace is our selected core partner for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of crucial equipment and tooling for the daily operations of our groundbreaking Lilium Jet. Dedienne has an innovative approach, strong engineering design thinking, and great customer service. We look forward to receiving the first tools already in a few weeks for our upcoming ground testing.”

Dedienne Aerospace’s facilities and service centers are strategically located in key regions where Lilium’s aircraft are set to launch, facilitating a smooth and efficient service delivery worldwide. This partnership is a significant step forward in redefining the future of civil aviation through the lens of sustainability and technological advancement. Dedienne Aerospace is proud to support the transformative impact of Lilium’s eVTOL aircraft on global travel.



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