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Take off for your helicopter maintenance

From Maintenance, Overhaul, Engine Tooling or Ground Support Equipment, discover our robust and user-friendly helicopter tooling selection designed hand-in-hand with the most prestigious helicopter OEMs. 


Helicopter maintenance in a workshop
Helicopter tooling for

Maintenance & Overhaul

Our helicopter tool kits are the ideal tooling solution for daily helicopter maintenance and overhaul tooling.

  • H125
  • H130
  • H135
  • H145
  • H155
  • H160
  • H175
  • H215
  • NH90
  • Tiger


Helicopter tooling for

Ground Support Equipment

  • R/I Tools
  • Towing
  • Filling
  • Trolley/Storage
  • Access platform
  • Lifting
  • Airframe Tooling
Helicopter maintenance in a workshop with Dedienne Aerospace axle Jack
Helicopter maintenance
Helicopter tooling for


  • R/I Tools
  • Engine Change & transportation
  • Covers
  • Engine Tooling 
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Helicopter Tooling

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