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Designed for your sensitive components

Innovative solutions for high quality shipping containers

Especially designed for your sensitive components like low pressure turbines, low pressure compressors, accessories gearboxes, fans, combustion chambers or otherwise, our containers will ensure that your products remain completely safe. Designed in collaboration with OEMs and aerospace companies, our containers are manufactured to meet standards ATA300 and SAE/ARP1840. The use of high-grade steel and aluminum, as well as composite-material technology, allows us to offer one of the widest ranges of shipping containers on the market. 


Dedienne Aerospace blue LPT shipping container on the ground

LPT container

Dedienne Aerospace HPT shipping container in the workshop

HPT container

Dedienne Aerospace red HPC shipping containers in the workshop

HPC container

Close up of Dedienne Aerospace LPC shipping container

LPC container

Dedienne Aerospace yellow AGB shipping container in the workshop

AGB container

Dedienne Aerospace fan container in the workshop

Fan container

Dedienne Aerospace Core shipping container in the workshop

Core container

Gearbox container

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Shipping Containers

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