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Give your tooling a second life

From stand dismantlement to reassembly

Your tooling fleet is not only subject to the ravages of time, but may also be impacted by difficult conditions related to occasional or prolonged outside storage. From engine stands to tripod jacks, we can transform your old tooling into new tooling, thanks to our full refurbishment packages. In giving a second life to your tooling, we guarantee short TAT and ensure the full recertification of all tooling.

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CF6-80 Engine stand

Detailed list of operations
  • Full diagnostic of the stand
  • Full dismantle of the stand
  • Surface treatment rework of rusted components
  • Casters refurbishment
  • Paint removal from cradle & trolley
  • Sand blasting of cradle & trolley
  • Shock absorbers replacement
  • Cradle & trolley painting
  • Stand rassembling
  • Cables replacement
  • Flexibles replacement
  • Marking rework
  • Load test using dummy engine



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Full Refurbishment

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