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Since 2001, we have been providing aerospace maintenance tooling as well as all GSE services and support for military / defense industries around the world. Based at strategic sites, we are one of the leaders in maintenance tooling for defense aviation, as well as support for defense aircraft and helicopters.

Rafale Aircraft is flying
Engineering expertise

Your defense engineering solution

We develop secure, safe, user-friendly and robust solutions according to OEM specifications and Air Force requirements. Thanks to the latest CAD solutions, 3-D modeling, finite element analysis, tolerance, and stress calculations, the new solutions developed by our teams of engineers meet the expectations of our defense customers.


We combine industrial means & expert manpower

Our high-tech means of production, combined with our worldwide partnerships, allow us to meet all your needs. Thanks to these exceptional means, we are able to deliver equipment with a high-level of precision and reliability on schedule.

Quality Management & compliance

We master your product excellence

In the defense industry, safety is always of the highest importance, making international standards indispensable. We are internationally certified in conformity with the current standards, and all of our locations go through re-certification on a regular basis. Quality is our top-priority. Our experience and expertise in all quality processes guarantee the safety of our products.








Helicopter maintenance
Defense tooling

Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Your tooling solutions for your deployed military operations

Your military operations require control and concentration. Your tooling must be always available, user-friendly, and serviceable according to your requirements and your demands. Our tooling, designed in close collaboration with the major players in the military sector, is specially designed to fit your needs and round-the-clock activity.

Defense Tooling

Armament Weapon Support Equipment

The highest degree of precision for your weapons Systems

We help customers solve the world's most complex challenges. Designed in closest collaboration with major military OEMs, our dedicated weapons tools are at the forefront of technological innovation. They guarantee flawless security and reliability, allowing operators to save time during their critical operations where every second counts.

Operators are doing maintenance on a defense helicopter
Rafale Aircrafts on the ground with tow bar
Defense tooling

Ground Support Equipment

The easy way to keep your daily operations running smoothly

Dedienne Aerospace is the Ground Support Equipment world leader, and supplies military aviation ground support equipment for numerous applications. We offer products for cargo, fighter, helicopter, and specialty aircraft for use on the tarmac, or in the hangar. Dedienne Aerospace offers a full line of military GSE. Whatever your mission, discover the best available Ground Support Equipment in the defense industry. We offer a full line of military GSE. Whatever your tasks, discover the best available Ground Support Equipment in the defense industry.

Defense tooling

Engine Tooling & Transportation

The engine tooling specialist

As a worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of engine tooling and engine stands, we are proud to be the OEM licensed company most trusted by the biggest names in the defense industry. Our products are used to safely and securely service, transport, and maintain engines, power turbines and other critical equipment under the most demanding circumstances.

Dedienne Aerospace engine stand in a workshop
Tripod jacks repair by Dedienne Aerospace customer Services team
Defense tooling

Advanced Defense Tooling Services

Your defense Aerospace customer Services

As the global leader in military tooling and equipment, we have built a reputation for quality products of uncompromising standards. Our advanced Defense Tooling Services deliver the highest level of service and support that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. Whether you require troubleshooting and repair assistance, preventative maintenance tips, or product training, our expert team is ready to help.

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Defense Tooling

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